Our mission is to empower users to better understand and control their wealth

Our Mission & Team

Finance For All

MAPLE was built by a team of finance and technology experts who share a passion for unlocking professional wealth management and making it available for everyone. Our only mission is to empower you to make the best financial decisions, to help you grow your wealth, and to achieve your financial  goals


Financial Engine

We do this by using a proprietary next-gen AI-powered financial engine that can analyze your entire portfolio and offer the type of personalized investment advice usually reserved for high-end investment professionals

Simple &

Dedicated Solution

It’s a simple, dedicated solution, like having a professional advisor that is always working for you, always available, at your fingertips

Designed by users

For users

MAPLE was designed with the end users in mind right from the very beginning. Our approach is bottom-up, placing the user experience at the heart of everything we do. With MAPLE, you can be sure that you’re getting a solution that is tailor-made for you, by people who truly understand your needs



At Maple, we’re committed to serving you and no one else. We aren’t owned by a bank or an investment company and we’re not trying to get you to make trades or invest or profit off of your investments. We won’t show you ads, we take your privacy and security seriously and we never share your information with anyone

Our Team

Doron Nadjar

Co-founder & CEO   |

20+ years of experience

Product, R&D and Operations Proven legacy of bringing innovative solutions to the market

Freddy Tenaglia

Co-founder & CTO   |

25+ years of experience

Financial Services Technology, Proven record of developing Global Wealth Management Platforms, Global Trading Platforms, CRM & Client Reporting Systems

Our Advisors

James Walker

Advisor   |

20+ years of experience

Retired Global Head of Investments – JP Morgan Wealth Management. Member, Asset Management and Wealth Management Operating Committees

Jessica DiRubio

Advisor   |

20+ years of experience

Helping companies raise venture capital, drive product market fit, build sales organizations, lead the go-to-market and drive early revenue for fintech and cloud native companies that are disruptive

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We connect with over 12,000 institutions




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