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There is an unlimited amount of accounts you can connect to MAPLE. We enable aggregators to provide connectivity to thousands of institutions. MAPLE encourages you to connect all of your accounts, so our algorithms will be most effective in providing meaningful personalized insights and recommendations.

Yes. MAPLE allows the user to add an asset manually. It is very simple and intuitive. MAPLE will ask you for the minimum required information to add the specific asset. There will be optional fields that can be added any time  that will enable our AI engines to provide meaningful insights and recommendations.

Yes. MAPLE supports crypto assets the same way we support any other asset you decide to add to the service.

Yes, MAPLE supports alternative assets. MAPLE was designed to have all of the user’s  assets tracked automatically so all you need to care about is executing on the recommendation MAPLE provides over time. At that point, alternative assets will have to be inserted manually through an “add asset manually” module. After manually added, it will be tracked regularly with a reminder to update data once in a quarter, so we can show you trends and performance results. As well as comparing to other assets performance in your portfolio and in reference to the market alternatives. We are looking into different technologies to make sure all alternative assets will be aggregated automatically. Will share more when progress is made.

Yes. MAPLE supported real estate as a specific asset type. You can add your real estate manually, and MAPLE will include it in the overall portfolio of yours. MAPLE will take you through some questions to make sure we have enough data to provide meaningful insights and effective recommendations. The minimum to add is the amount paid for the asset and its current value. (If you don’t know the current value, MAPLE can get an estimation based on the address.) If you decide to fill the optional fields (i.e. main resident house, attached mortgage, dedicated account for income/expenses related to that property), MAPLE will be able to provide meaningful insights related to that property overtime.

Yes, you can track your real estate assets in MAPLE. You can track all of your assets within MAPLE. MAPLE adds your real estate to your overall portfolio and includes it in the wealth management AI engine. We are using market data to track changes of the asset price and potential rent level attached to it. If all data related to the property was inserted, MAPLE will be able to provide an assessment on the property financial performance and compare it to other properties in your portfolio and to the market alternatives, providing recommendations for optimization.

Yes. MAPLE knows that our users might hold assets in a partnership model and it allows the user to define the % of holdings in a specific asset. This is true for liabilities as well. Your total assets and liabilities views, as well as your wealth prediction and all of the insights and recommendations assumes your percentage of holding in the assets.

MAPLE allows the user to define the duration it keeps the data. The basic tier supports up to 7 years back. The MAPLE+ tier will support unlimited years based on the registration date and existence of the connected data.

Yes. MAPLE was built to manage the wealth and finances of the family. To enable it, MAPLE allows different family members to login via their specific credentials. While the user login he/she sees only their portion of the assets and liabilities (common parts plus the individual ones). The system is very flexible and allows configuration in a way there can be a holistic view of the total assets of the family in one place. Transfers being done within the family are being tracked as well. A future feature will include inheritance management as well.

No. MAPLE is a read-only platform. It has no rights to execute anything on the user accounts. MAPLE provides a detailed action list for each recommendation so the user can execute on that in a very easy way. MAPLE also tracks the progress on the action list and provides reminders as per need.

Yes. Adding goals to the MAPLE app is an inherited part of the service. MAPLE empowers you to manage your finances and in order to succeed, you need to start with your goals which will be included in your overall plan. There is a very intuitive and easy to use procedure to add goals. If you don’t know where to start, MAPLE will provide you a starting point based on “people like you”. MAPLE uses the goals to put together your personalized financial plan and optimize the recommendations provided. MAPLE also enables simulations of different scenarios around the goals using the real data of the user

Yes, Gaining financial freedom is a goal, just like any other goal you add to the system. After defining the goal specifically (When do you want to get there? How much is financial freedom for you? etc’) MAPLE will analyze your options to get there and will come with a plan. There might be a scenario where your current situation (objective and subjective data points) with the time horizon to get the goal done is not realistic. In that case MAPLE will notify you and suggest changes (i.e. move the goal out a bit) or mention what is blocking you (i.e. your current wealth is too low to start with)

Yes. MAPLE provides a powerful simulator for retirement. It allows you to control every aspect of the retirement and shows you immediately the impact of the change you wanted to test  (retiring earlier, saving more annually, increasing the risk of the retirement saving accounts etc’). The fact that MAPLE is connected to all of your accounts and knows you, enables us to use your real data in the simulation and not assume things which are not even close to who you are. If you simulate something which is not realistic (either based on market conditions or your own personal situation) MAPLE will highlight it with the explanation of what we think is not realistic. If you are not sure how to simulate scenarios by modifying specific fields, MAPLE supports “question driven simulations”. You can ask: Can I retire at the age of 57? Or What shall I do to retire at the age of 57? Or When can I retire with a monthly income of $5K? etc’

MAPLE supports many kinds of simulations. Some are very complicated, others are as simple as “What If…”. We are adding more and more capabilities for the simulation engine regularly. You can find a list of existing simulations and ones on the roadmap here

Yes. MAPLE’s goal is to empower you so you can manage your finances. If you decide to use a human advisor you can share a report with the advisor. We believe that having all the data and options in your hands will improve your discussion with your advisor and build your finance acumen over time. MAPLE does not provide a human advisor service.

Yes. You can either use MAPLE as a DIY user or you can use it in a hybrid mode, combined with an advisor. There are different models to use MAPLE with an advisor. One of them is totally unlinked, where you can have your advisor and MAPLE as 2 separate services and just share reports from MAPLE with your advisor so you can improve your discussion with him/her. 

The other option is when your advisor is using MAPLE. In that case your advisor will provide you a link to use MAPLE service. The advisor will control the recommendation module of MAPLE. You will still be able to analyze all of your assets and liabilities, get related news, learn about finances etc’. The recommendations that you will get will be monitored and triggered by your advisor.

Yes. MAPLE includes a prediction module. We think that understanding the options of your future wealth is very important. Although no one can really say what will be the future, there are many ways to predict it under specific assumptions. The assumptions are coming from historical performance of the market and plan of future actions we can control. Our prediction module uses monte carlo calculation to simulate different extreme scenarios with their probabilities. MAPLE predict is a powerful engine that takes into account all of future cash flow events as well as portfolio mix, its risk level and market historical performance. The outcome is a timeline view of wealth and cash flow which gives you a view into the future…

Yes. MAPLE includes a cash flow module. It has a basic budget management part which will show you your income and expenses over a period of time that you can choose. You will be able to analyze the data and get insights about it and recommendations for optimization. 

The other part of the cash flow module is a cash flow predict which will show you, your future incomes and outcomes. These are based on your actual data points, including your goals, needs, future income events, future commitments, retiring age etc’. Cash flow predict is a powerful tool that impacts many of the recommendations MAPLE provides

MAPLE X-Ray feature is a service MAPLE provides for you to get a deep understanding of your current financial situation. You shall think of it as a holistic financial checkpoint that shows you your overall wealth snapshot. It provides insights about what it means? Is it good or bad? Is it in alignment to my goals? How am I compared to the reference group?  It also provides clues about the capability of MAPLE to optimize your situation.  MAPLE aims to provide your first X-Ray just after initial registration and connection of your accounts. The more data you add during the registration process, the more meaningful X-ray outcome will be. The report is saved for you and you can run the test as many times as you want. Once a year (at the end of the year) MAPLE runs it anyway and presents to you a playback of your performance over the year starting with the X-ray of the previous year and getting to the current up to date one.

Yes. MAPLE is designed per the SEC requirements and acts as a fiduciary advisor. MAPLE is built to empower its users and allow them to manage their finances in a better way. We charge a monthly fee from the user only and are fully transparent about the recommendations we provide. The AI engines we use are designed to optimize the plan for the benefit of the user. 

Yes. MAPLE’s goal is to empower you to manage your finances. In order to do it, not only we built perfect service for you to use, we also make sure we improve your financial acumen. We do it by starting with learning what your current acumen level is (a combination of knowledge and experience). Based on that understanding we align the different views and reports we provide to you so it will be easy for you to understand it. All of the financial concepts we use are being explained (either within the app or by providing a link to more detailed articles). MAPLE also uses a dynamic pipe of financial news. These are being provided to you based on your portfolio mix and interests. We also use a discovery section where you can search for new financial opportunities and learn about it. Last, there is a community of MAPLE users where you can share information and ask questions.

Yes. MAPLE learns your financial acumen (a combination of knowledge and experience) and based on it, presents to you the service data. This way you can analyze your current status in a very simple way (suited to your current financial acumen). MAPLE’s recommendations are translated to a very detailed action list so the end user can execute on that list. 

In an extreme situation, when the user still feels he can not make it by himself, we recommend using a hybrid model. The hybrid model is using the MAPLE app and an advisor (not part of MAPLE service. MAPLE does not have human advisor service). In that model, the user still has 24/7 access to his data and plan so he can continually improve his knowledge and experience.

Yes. MAPLE learns your financial acumen (a combination of knowledge and experience) and based on it presents to you the details in an expert-like mode. You will get access to all of your personal data and market data with different views and capability to drill down and compare. The report engine that maple provides is fully configurable, so you can configure your own view and see the data the way you like. MAPLE+ will also offer another level of reports that will be accessible by you. MAPLE discovery section, will include inputs mainly around alternative investments types that will better suit your level of experience.

Yes. MAPLE supports different currencies views.  The default view is by the US$, so all assets are being converted to the US$ value. Returns are calculated based on the currency of the investment (i.e. with no currency impact) and then the currency impact is being added. 

Yes. MAPLE allows the user to add reminders in the app by using the calendar feature. By default the calendar is presenting different events related to your overall portfolio and financial plan. You can add to the calendar any other event or reminder you want. These specific events will be marked as private.

There are few places in the app where the user can add comments for future analysis or any other reason. MAPLE does not use these comments in the analysis we do. There is also a tagging feature where the user can tag a transaction. MAPLE will use TAGs in its analysis

Yes! We are managing communities in Reddit and Discord. Please join us there to talk about features, raise ideas and chat with people like you about financial planning

Yes. MAPLE includes the fees analysis module. It is based on the data we aggregate from the accounts the user connects. If the data does not exist, MAPLE will notify the user that there is missing data so we can’t provide the analysis. When the data exists and the analysis is done, MAPLE will provide insights about it (is it high?) and a potential recommendation (better alternative…)

No. MAPLE does not have a human advisor service. MAPLE is a fully digital service for fiduciary wealth management and financial planning. Saying that, MAPLE can be used by advisors to provide service to their users. In that model, the end user is the client of the human advisor and gets the service from him. The advisor, who uses MAPLE as his advisory platform, provides access to maple features as per his decision.

Yes. MAPLE includes a news stream which is aligned to the user portfolio and interests. The user can see the news in the main page of the app and filter it in different ways. 

Yes. ESOP is just another asset in the user portfolio. It will be included in the different analysis views and in the AI engines that MAPLE uses. MAPLE takes into account the unique characteristic of ESOP plans and gives insights about the granted and vesting dates so it will be included in the prediction engines the right way. More advanced options related to ESOP tax will be included in MAPLE+ only

There is no minimum wealth you need in order to use MAPLE, but MAPLE is a service for managing your wealth and building a long term financial plan. If you have very minimal to none wealth and you are not able to save regularly, the value you get from MAPLE will be minimal. If that is the case, start with monthly savings to build your initial wealth. Try to use the rule of: pay first to yourself…

MAPLE is a wealth management platform and as such mainly deals with long term financial planning.  It is not a daily trading system. Saying that, the analysis feature which MAPLE provides, includes a deep view of all investable assets. In the MAPLE+ tier the investable assets values are presented in a real time manner.

The best recommendation is available when MAPLE knows the full view. MAPLE uses all the data it captures about the user and from the market to provide insights and recommendations. This is not different from a human advisor that can advise only based on the information he has. It is in your best interest to provide as much accurate data as you can so you can value most out of MAPLE services.

No. It is not a must to connect all of your accounts in order to use MAPLE, but certainly it will be a good decision to do so. The more data MAPLE has about you the better its recommendations. MAPLE will work and provide a lot of information and recommendations based on the data it has. In some cases MAPLE will ask the user to add data in order to improve the performance of its AI engines.

We are a mobile first service so the forst release will be mobile only. Next,  MAPLE will support both mobile and desktop versions. You can start your analysis in one device and move to another one to continue it. 

We are always happy to hear about your needs and ideas. We are managing communities in Reddit and Discord. Please let us know through these. Another option is to send us email here

Yes, MAPLE is transparent and as such, will always provide the logic behind the recommendation. It will share the data and assumptions used (market and personal). It will also show the prediction of choosing to execute on the recommendation. Overtime, MAPLE will show the actual impact of the recommendation vs. sticking to the original plan.

No. MAPLE is a fiduciary financial service with a mission to empower you so you can manage your finances the best way possible. We will charge a fixed monthly fee for the service – it’s as simple as that. During the Beta period you can enjoy MAPLE for free

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