Privacy and Safety

MAPLE was developed by Financial Experts with In-Depth Industry Knowledge. We use the very best in encryption and data privacy standards

At MAPLE, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of data protection. Your sensitive information deserves to be safeguarded and that’s why we make it our top priority. Our co-founder and CTO, Freddy Tenaglia, is a seasoned expert with over 25 years of experience in the Financial Services Technology industry.
With his expertise and knowledge gained from working in some of the world’s largest financial institutions, including his latest role as the CTO of Global Wealth Management Investment Technology at JP Morgan, Freddy brings a wealth of expertise to MAPLE’s solution. you can trust that your data is in good hands with MAPLE.

Multifactor authentication

We use two factor
authentication for login

Point-to-point encryption

Data is secured and
encrypted both at-rest and in-transit

Privacy and credentials

We do not have access to your
financial account login

Your Data
Is Safe

We will never sell your data

Designed for SOC2

We ensure that we stay aligned with the latest privacy requirements by following compliance regulations


Our Team is here to assist
you around the clock


We use industry standard security to protect your information.  All your data is encrypted using the AES-246 and SHA-256 algorithms.  All communications between our databases and your devices are secure and are encrypted at-rest and in-transit.  Encryption at rest refers to when your information is stored on our systems (ie Servers/Databases)  and in transit is while the data is being transferred from our systems to your device of choice.

No.  Mymapleadvisor does not have your financial account login credentials.  We leverage a third party account aggregator called Plaid to connect your accounts to our workflow.  When you connect your accounts your credentials are sent directly to the respective financial institution from your browser and are encrypted.  Neither our servers nor anyone at Mymapleadvisor has the ability to access your credentials.  Data is pulled from your account in a read-only fashion, thus MymMapleAdvisor does not have the ability to perform any account changes or transactions.

Absolutely not, we never sell your data as our company is solely funded by your subscription fee.

No, the technology we employ at MyMapleAdvisor masks all personally identifiable information from our staff.  We also have employment agreements with anyone having access to encryption keys at MyMapleAdvisor.  This makes it legally binding that any such employee with the keys does not decrypt or unmask any user data.  

Should you choose to cancel your subscription, we will delete all of the data agregated in our database systems immediately.  We willl also notify our third party account aggregator Plaid and stop the connection from your account and have everything deleted on their end. 

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