July 25, 2023

How is MAPLE different from a Robo-advisor?


Doron Nadjar

July 25, 2023

In response to the numerous inquiries and questions regarding the distinctions between MAPLE and Robo-Advisors, we have crafted this comprehensive blog to shed light on the key differences between these two prominent approaches to managing finances. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, individuals seek personalized and efficient solutions to meet their financial goals. Robo-Advisors have revolutionized investment management with automated portfolio services, while digital financial planning or digital wealth management is the next step in the fintech journey of simplifying and accessibility of the financial services. It provides another layer of comprehensive financial management. Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of the differences between Robo-advisors and financial planning (which MAPLE is part of). Also to emphasize unique features and benefits offered by MAPLE

The Realm of Robo-Advisors: Investment Management Simplified

Robo-Advisors have emerged as revolutionary digital platforms that provide automated portfolio management services to users. These platforms harness the power of sophisticated algorithms, which analyze user data, risk tolerance, and investment goals to create and manage diversified investment portfolios. The primary aim of Robo-Advisors is to optimize investment returns while minimizing risk, offering users an efficient and hands-off approach to managing their investments.

With a seamless and user-friendly interface, Robo-Advisors have democratized access to investment management services. Investors can now easily access well-diversified portfolios tailored to their risk profiles. The automation of portfolio management has simplified the investment process for many individuals, making it an attractive option for those seeking a straightforward approach to investment management.

Financial Planning: A comprehensive Financial Management

In contrast to the singular focus of Robo-Advisors on investment management, financial planning or wealth management services provide another layer of comprehensive financial management. Financial planning takes into account various factors, including income, expenses, assets, liabilities, risk tolerance (and its changes over time), and time horizon, to develop a tailored financial strategy that aligns with an individual’s specific goals and objectives.

Financial planning addresses not only investment management but also a wide range of financial considerations, such as budgeting, retirement planning, tax optimization, estate planning, and risk management. It also looks behind investable assets to include alternatives as well. Financial planning is not only  the wealth buildup, it is also about optimized strategies for how to use the wealth during the lifetime. This holistic approach provides users with a comprehensive view of their financial situation, empowering them to make informed decisions and navigate complex financial landscapes with confidence.

MAPLE: The next generation of Financial Planning Platform

MAPLE stands as a testament to the next generation of financial planning platforms, bridging the gap between traditional financial planning services and digital innovation. As a comprehensive financial planning platform, MAPLE goes beyond the singular focus of Robo-Advisors on investment management. It provides users with a broad set of tools to understand and navigate their entire financial landscape, offering a more personalized and informed approach to financial planning and wealth management.

MAPLE’s intelligent algorithms aggregate information about your assets and liabilities, enabling a clear and detailed view of your financial health. By understanding your unique financial goals and risk tolerance, MAPLE crafts a personalized financial plan that aligns with your specific needs and aspirations. The platform goes further by addressing not only investment management but also cash flow management, debt optimizations, tax considerations, and more. Ensuring you reach your goals and have the necessary funds when you need them most.

Knowing You Better

At the heart of financial planning lies the core capability of personalization – knowing the end user on a deeper level. This is where MAPLE excels, harnessing the power of AI technology to gain insights into your financial DNA. By understanding your unique financial situation, goals, and preferences, MAPLE develops a tailored financial plan that aligns precisely with your needs.

Holistic Asset Tracking

MAPLE starts with holistic asset tracking capability, bringing all of your financial resources into one centralized platform. Whether it’s investable assets or non-investable assets, MAPLE provides you with a comprehensive view of your entire financial landscape. This unified approach allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your overall financial health and make more informed decisions.

With regards to our topic in discussion: If you have a portion of your assets managed by a Robo-Advisor, MAPLE seamlessly integrates this information into your financial overview. This means you can monitor your Robo-Advisor portfolio alongside other investments, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of your entire financial picture. 

Embracing Change to Keep Your Plan on Track

Another standout feature of MAPLE is its adaptability. MAPLE is fully digital and works 24/7/365. As your financial circumstances change or market conditions fluctuate, MAPLE’s strategies evolve accordingly to keep your financial plan on track. By continuously monitoring and adjusting your financial plan, MAPLE ensures that you remain on course to achieve your long-term financial objectives.

The Added Value of Comprehensive, fully digital Financial Planning

While Robo-Advisors serve as valuable tools for investment management, financial planning or wealth management services, like those offered by MAPLE, are different and provide another layer of comprehensive financial management. As we navigate the ever-changing financial landscape, the advantages of comprehensive financial planning become increasingly evident. With MAPLE’s personalized financial planning tools, users gain access to a broader range of financial insights and services, enriching their financial journey and paving the way to a brighter financial future. 

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